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Pagani Will Build You A Huayra With A Manual Transmission

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Pagani Huayra is one of the most glorious cars currently produced, but it is only available with a paddle shifted automatic. However, they will build one with a manual gearbox if you want it. You just need to be really, really, really, really rich.

This past week I had an opportunity to stop by the Pagani factory for an afternoon of live car porn. While there, one of the interesting little tidbits that I learned is that while the Huayra is solely intended to have a paddle shift gearbox and there are absolutely no plans to offer one with a manual transmission, the right buyer could convince Pagani to build one with a row your own gearbox.


Here's the caveat: The Huayra produces 1,000 NM of torque and Pagani doesn't have a manual transmission that can handle the torque (they aren't calling up Tremec and taking a T56). But if you're hellbent on buying a Huayra with one, I was told that it is possible to equip the car with such a gearbox. The buyer would just have to pay for all of the development, R&D, and testing of the gearbox before it went into the car.

This is not a bargain option for people looking for a stripped out Huayra. But it is an option for people looking to make their bespoke supercar even more exclusive. Just don't expect anybody to tick that option off. At all. It's just cool to know that if someone comes and says they want it that way, there is the opportunity to get your Huayra however you want it. Just open up that bank account.


And don't worry, more from our little visit to Pagani is coming soon!