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Before the new Camaro's US release in 2008, Australians will get a sneak peak at the first production models. In fact, the cars will be cruising Australian highways before the year's out. Why do the sons of Dundee get preferential treatment over we Yanks of American persuasion? Blame it on GM's Holden division, which created the General's new rear-drive platform on which the Camaro (and its own Commodore) is based. The company is turning out several hand-built prototypes, which will hit the roads down under by the end of this year. Though the production Camaro will be built in Canada, and won't be out for two years, Yozzie and the gang may wind up next to one at a stoplight in Sydney, Brisbane or Port Macquarie (or somewhere else even). Spy photogs, get thee to the Quantas desk. [Thanks to Dave for the tip.]

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