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According to one Holden exec, live from kangaroo corner, the next Monaro — we know it as "bizarro Pontiac GTO" — is a go, but won't be ready in "six months or a year" even, and that the economics require a "sister vehicle" to make the plan viable, Edmunds Inside Line is reporting. He's vague on the timeline, but his statement does in a sense corroborate the story of one potential sister, the Chevrolet Camaro, which according to loose talk will be out for the 2009 model year — and even the math-challenged will note that's more than a year away. Holden, as we've said, is the incubator for GM's upcoming rear-drive muscle coupes built on the Zeta(ish) platform. Looks like the 2010s will be the bizarro 1960s after all.

Camaro or GTO? GM Could Have Plans for New Holden Monaro [Edmunds]

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