Own The $750,000 Ferrari F50 Wrecked By The FBI

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A low-mileage Ferrari F50 with a great story is up for auction and the bidding's at only $65,000. There are few caveats. It has a salvage title. And that great story? An FBI agent who seized it wrecked the car in Kentucky and it's been sitting around since 2009. Get out your checkbooks!

This story begins back in 2003 when the car was stolen from a dealership in Pennsylvania. The FBI came across the vehicle in 2008 during a separate investigation in Kentucky and seized the rare and valuable V12 Ferrari F50 supercar. An agent tasked with moving the vehicle wrecked the Ferrari, blaming "bald tires" instead of driving ability.


A showdown between the FBI and the insurance company ensued, with the FBI saying they didn't owe any money. A lawsuit was filed but the case was dismissed in court last September because the vehicle was being detained and thus the government wasn't liable for any damages.

We don't know for sure that this is the exact same vehicle, but images of the damage are identical and it's in Kentucky. It seems likely the insurance company is going to write off the car and get as much for it at auction as possible.

Rebuilding a famous wrecked Ferrari? We know a guy who can do that. Here's your chance to own a world famous Italian supercar for pennies on the dollar.


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Ferrari with a salvage title.

Note, no fire damage