FBI Officer Crashes Drug Dealer's Seized Ferrari F50

Illustration for article titled FBI Officer Crashes Drug Dealer's Seized Ferrari F50

Police are blaming "bald tires" on this accident, which occurred while an FBI agent drove a Ferrari F50 seized in a drug raid to a storage warehouse. We'll blame the V12 and a heavy hoon-foot.


Considering its swoopy carbon fiber bodywork and limited production numbers, we're betting the agent did at least five figures worth of damage with his off-roading adventure. We see a torn up front end, side skirt, rear fender, front fender and door... on second thought, we might be looking at six figure damage. Hopefully they get a prosecution on this suspected drug dealer, otherwise the agency will be footing a substantial repair bill. [WreckExotics]


Rob Emslie

It'd be funny if the"Ferrari" is really a fiero and the drug dealer is found to have been pushing oregano.