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Over the Back Fence: Is This The New Toyota AE86?

Illustration for article titled Over the Back Fence: Is This The New Toyota AE86?

The sphere of blogo has been abuzz about a new rear-drive Toyota model that would revive the AE86 ethos. That is, the Corolla coupe from the 1980s that's still a many splendored model to import and drift kids and aficionados of Japanese classics. Now, World Car Fans spotted a spec rendering in Japanese magazine Best Car, where the story of a new Scion, possibly riding on a Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) platform and costing in range of $12,500. Will Toyota's new interesting car division follow through? Only Doc's Delorean knows for sure. [World Car Fans]


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The Stevenson

Even if it does get built, it probably wouldn't hit our shores until 2011, if at all.

Plus, it seems like Toyota's range is almost eating itself. Though the Celica and MR2 are gone, it would still have to contend with the Scion tC.

Plus, if they do bring a small RWD platform to the family, I wonder if they could adapt it to that 'Scion Pickup' rumour/idea that was floating around a month or so ago.

Can you say Mini-Toyocamino?