Over the Back Fence: Toyota to Bring Back AE86 Corolla GT?

If this story were confirmed, we'd have made the headline "TOYOTA COMES TO SENSES." But seeing as it's still in Rumor Defcon 2, we'll just say that consensus may be building within Toyota to create a small rear-drive platform in the style of its erstwhile AE86 Corolla GT. That car remains a favorite of drift king and street racer alike for its chassis rigidity, bulletproof 4A-GEC engine and optional limited-slip differential. What a modern version would look like is anyone's guess, but the sentiment would be more than welcome on Toyota's lot. And it would make Bumbeck lose his mind with delight.


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I love the AE86. It was my family's first rally car, and still resides up at HQ, badly in need of cage updating and repair. But when it was running, it was a solid machine. It was the only car we felt confident in taking over the motocross jump at the ORV park stages...

Bring it!