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Out-Of-Control Lincoln Driver Simply Cannot Be Stopped

If you want to disprove the existence of Karma, this video might be just the thing. A man from Perth, Australia went to visit a friend in the hospital, by any definition an act of kindness. How was his good deed repayed? A nearly century-old man in a Lincoln drove over his car. See, that just doesn’t seem fair.


Thanks to the magic of dashcams, we get to see this all happen, even though (luckily) no one was in the parked car at the time. The video was posted to the always entertaining Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook group, and you can see it right here:

Holy crap, right? Here’s what the crushed car’s owner had to say about it:

“Visiting a mate in hospital tonight, thought I’d found a great car park right out front. Next thing I know my rego is being called over the PA. I go out to find police, fireys and ambulances everywhere. Luckily nobody was killed. 96 year old driver taken to hospital.”


First, I’m very glad nobody was killed, and second, do Australians have fun nicknames for everything? “Fireys?” I’ve never heard that, but, based on my advanced linguistic skills and using the Aussie term “barbie” (for barbeque) as a reference, I can figure it out. He’s talking about Firetruckbeques.

The hospital the bit of late-in-life stunt driving took place at was the Warringal Private Hospital in Heidelberg. The extent of the 96-year-old’s injuries are not known, but at that advanced age, every accident is serious.

While many may judge the elderly man harshly for continuing to drive, I can’t really judge, because I suspect I’ll keep driving long past a reasonable age as well. So I’m just going to hope the guy recovers, and enjoys having a new and exciting story to tell.

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I like cars: Jackstands Eternal

I honestly think all drivers should be required to retake road tests to renew a license. You shouos have to do it every 5 years, then every 2 after you turn 65. Every accident I have been in has been the fault of a senior citizen, usually because they didn’t brake in time.