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The mid-sized Mercedes X-Class pickup concept looked quite good. Jason thought it looked like a sleek robot pig, but he’s also an alien. I wouldn’t expect him to understand.


Anyway, you can put your party favors away and cancel the caterer because the X-Class won’t make it to the U.S. market. Oh, it’ll be going into production soon. It just won’t be made for us, reports the bringer of the bad news, Car and Driver.


Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told the magazine that the best selling trucks in the U.S. market are full-size trucks, not mid-sized ones like the X-Class. The X-Class, which is based on the mid-sized Nissan Navara, isn’t beefy enough, he thinks.

Guys. This is literally why we can’t have nice things. You all keep buying the BIG trucks. What about the little guys, huh?

It could also be the slightly oxymoronic nature of the phrase, “luxury pickup,” which is how the X-Class was introduced to us. Isn’t a pickup for hauling stuff and off-roading and getting dirty? Would people who buy the X-Class even think to stack a pile of mulch in the bed to take home?

It’s totally your fault, by the way.

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