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Opel Astra GTC In Colorado!

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

We'd already seen it getting hot and bothered in Death Valley, but it appears the General wasn't yet done putting the new Saturn Astra's Euro cousin through its paces. Jalopnik reader Bill was out with the family when he snagged us these shots of what appears to be an Opel Astra GTC (Gran Turismo Coupe) complete with Arizona manny plates in the Rocky Mountain high-altitude (10,100' above sea level) of Leadville, Colorado. We're assuming this here GTC was out doing a bit of last minute testing before the Astra hits our shores later this fall as a 2008 model. Just like this here manny test car, we probably won't be seeing the hood-to-B-pillar "panorama windshield" that helped make the Astra GTC famous at the 2004 Paris Auto Show debut, it's still better looking than anything else we've seen in a Saturn small car. Remember, if you happen to see a car testing out in the open, feel free to be like Bill and send us your pics to — and you too can get your 15 minutes of car blogosphere fame.


Spy Photos: Opel Astra Caught Testing In Death Valley; Exclusive: 2008 Saturn Astra Live And Unveiled!; Chicago Auto Show: Yes, That's A 2008 Saturn Astra; Shocker! Opel Astra Officially Saturnized for '08! [internal]


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@lovesponge: Actually, that'll be an Opel dressed in Saturn clothes. So I guess it'll still be an Opel.