Shocker! Opel Astra Officially Saturnized for '08!

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Jill Lajdziak, who onstage at the LA Auto Show came off the very epitome of a graduate of Uncle Chuck's Graduate Course in Public Speaking of Des Moines, IA, LLC, has confirmed that the Opel/Vauxhall Astra will indeed be joining the ranks of the Saturn lineup come 2008. Lajdziak claims, "The Astra is a great fit for Saturn, with its European style and driving dynamics," a statement we'd be hard-pressed to dispute. It also seems as if the Astra won't be rebranded as an Ion, unlike the rest of the Opelurns (see Opel Astra gallery below).


We're also confident that if James May showed up in a Urraco, we could likely beat him around a track. On one final note, we still think Lajdziak should lay off on the weird pseudo-prom-queen smile between sentences. We know it's supposed to be ingratiating, but it really kind of creeps us out. Just our two cents.

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