One Ton Of Ganja Found In Fake UPS Truck

Many bongs will go without this holiday season as a result of a 2,118 pound herb bust by Arizona State Troopers. The best part is how the scheming street pharmacists got this far.

Arizona officials discovered that the drug runners were using a truck painted in UPS livery, with matching reflective yellow decals. The sticky entrepreneurs went as far as creating a homemade license plate matching that of a local real UPS truck. Total cost of the weed inside? 1.2 million dollars. The suspect fled the scene and was not apprehended.


Although this act has a stinky green tint to it, one cannot deny the ingenuity behind running packages under the guise of a package running company. Seriously, we're surprised Marlo Stanfield or Prop Joe didn't think of this first. Hat tip to Bumblebee!



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