Want To Get Hassled By The Man? Fiberweed Van Air Freshener!

We can't be sure that this air freshener, inspired by the Stoniest Vehicle In Motion Picture History, actually smells like reefer. But we can guarantee the smell won't matter as soon as a member of the law enforcement community takes a look at this thing dangling from the mirror of your vehicle; regardless of actual circumstances, you might as well have an eight-tube hookah stuffed with a pound of hash-oil-drenched Northern Lights smoldering away on the dash and a pair of tiny rectangular-framed Tea Shades shielding your crimson orbs. But hey, it's still a cool air freshener!

Cheech & Chong Fiberweed Van Car Air Freshener [whateversports.com]

Even Sergeant Stedenko Could Handle This Bust; Reefer-Mad Aussies Suck On Doobs, Kill Passengers!; You Find One In Every Car, Kid. You'll See. [internal]


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