One Of You Explain This To Me, Please

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Image: Jabril via Hans

A reader named Hans just sent us this picture—taken by his friend Jibril—and a little video of a lovely if quite worn old Toyota Cressida wagon, complete with the optional and classy fake wood option package, crammed full of VHS copies of the movie Jerry Maguire. I think that’s the movie where the main character loudly and repeatedly asks for currency to be displayed to him? Anyway, what the fuck is going on here?

I do like that Cressida. And that dog.

So, what do you think is the reason behind this strangely specific sort of hoarding? Art installation? Ballast? A one-view-per-tape policy and a true lover of the film?


I’m not so sure I care about the actual reason, but I want to hear theories—wild, terrible theories. Plausible and improbable. Uplifting and seedy. Confusing and rational.

I want this VHS-crammed Cressida to be the vehicle that transports us all as far into and around the human spectrum of emotion and ideas as possible.

So, you know, have at it.

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