Photo: Honda

One of may absolute favorite Hondas of all time has to be the 1300 coupe—it had amazing looks and it was technically incredible—it was Soichiro Honda’s last car he was really involved with, and Honda loved air-cooling, and here he pumped air through that engine like water. It was amazing. Also, as you can see here, when threatened, it would change its color to blend into its background, like a chameleon.

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What an absolutely gorgeous car! Thank you Jason! I never knew about these!

And she doesn’t just have looks, but brains too. 100 hp from 1.3 liters, air-cooled dry-sump engine, and front wheel drive!

A fitting swan song for Soichiro Honda. It’s hard to believe that Honda today doesn’t even make any coupes, and recently discontinued the gem Civic Si Coupe.

Here’s an interesting MT article on the 1300: