Cars are pitting around here like it's election time in Chicago — often and early. Still, there's some great hoonage racing going on. To our eyes and ears here's what's going on. The Germans look mighty. 3-Series, Porsche 944s and a GTI are all running strong and running well. The MB 190? Still running. The Mazdasaurus Rex sounds unbelievable. The Sentra SE-R seems to be passing everything while the Jag with the Chevy 350 is getting passed by everything. The rotary Mazdas sound abysmal, the '66 Mustang doesn't like the corners nor the tires. The white Alfa was smoking by the second lap. One of our personal favorites, a Datsun 280Z, is running third. Final thought — I would not want to be anywhere near team Rockford Pile. That car is a monster. Does any of this matter? Not with 23 hours left it doesn't. Not a lick.