We just had to talk to these guys. Team captain Ed Adams says, "I found it in a field in Gilroy." There's much speculation that the garlic acted as a preservative. In that same field they found a Saab Sonnet, a Renault R16, a couple of Merkur XR4Tis and a Moretti Tour de Mundo. When we inquired as to what the hell the Moretti was, Adams replied, "It's a piece of shit." Also, the 190 was the only car that ran. Well, the farmer said it ran. It didn't actually, you know, run.

galleryPost('fieldfind190', 9, 'Team Field Find and their 1965 MB 190');

However, Adams determined that all the gasoline had evaporated. So, he added gas and voila, she started right up. As for the algae growing all over the body, Team Field Find says it's the test bed for an upcoming Chia car. Also, according to Adams, at one point this particular car belonged to Stirling La Moss, Stirling Moss's French cousin. Hey, I just write down what they tell me.

The only non-stock component is the air filter, which Team Field Find is claiming will add another 20 to 50 horsepower, "easy." Jalopnik says, "At least!"