One Billion Automobiles! Mwah-Ha-Ha-Ha!

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The Wall Street Journal is claimin' that by 2020, we'll have one billion cars and light trucks roamin' the streets and byways of this globe we call Earth. We're not sure how they came up with that number, but that's ok, we'll roll with it, cause the Journal is all over this one like marshmallow fluff on a sundae. Our capitalist friends are giving a nice and rosy outlook for everyone involved, be you automaker, consumer or enviromentalist. So fear not dear readers, despite questions as to the efficacy of continuing to increase fossil fuel consumption, be not afraid...cause the industry will just, you know, invent its way out of the problem. Paul Ballew, GM's executive director of market and industry analysis, ends the article with the same upbeat tone...especially seeing as he's employed by a company staring down a well of losses of epic proportion: "For us in the industry, the next 10 years will be fascinating." Yeah, and hopefully the General'll be around to see it, right?

One Billion Cars [WSJ]

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