Ohioan Survives Pushing A 2016 Dodge Challenger To 180 MPH On Michigan Roads

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The Michigan vs. Ohio rivalry is about more than just college football. Residents. of the two states have always had a mutual distaste for each other, so when an Ohio driver disrespected some traffic laws by pushing their 2016 Dodge Challenger to the limit, they naturally headed north of the border to the pleasant peninsula. Michigan State Police clocked them at 110 miles over the 70-mph speed limit.


This happened at 11:45 p.m. on April 19 on southbound I-75 in Monroe County, according to MLive. While MSP officers do drive some fast cars, the quickest in their stable with a top speed of 149 mph is the 5.7-litre all-wheel drive Dodge Charger. To catch this fast fiend, police had to get ahead of the speeder:

MSP tells MLive there were other troopers in the area further down the freeway to help and the driver did stop for them.

Michigan State troopers say they have seen more drivers traveling over the speed limits during the stay-at-home order.

“MSP has seen an increase with high speeds on roadways during this pandemic,” MSP posted on Twitter. “MSP wants people to know, just because there is less traffic on the roads and warmer weather, there are no excuses for speeding. Drive Safe.”

Michigan isn’t the only place seeing more speeders. We’ve reported a few times on speed freaks letting their flags fly while roads are emptier than usual due to the pandemic. The most egregious lawbreakers so far are the idiots who used empty streets and relaxed cops to complete a Cannonball Run. Police in California are also writing a record number of speeding tickets for driving over 100 mph.

It goes without saying, but: this is a dick move. Our motto here is and always will be: Save It For The Track. Speeding at these levels is crazy dangerous on public roads, and not just for your dumbass. Not to mention right now is not the time to pull ambulances and doctors away from treating Coronavirus patients. At the very least, if you’re from Ohio, go speeding through your own dumb state.

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Reading comments on this site over the years I was under the impression the roads in Michigan were on par with Baghdad’s in 1990.  I thought you’d need a Trophy Truck to hit some legitimate speeds up there.