Illustration for article titled Ohio Court Rules Against Ticketing Cars That Look Or Sound Like They’re Speeding

An Ohio appeals court has ruled that tickets can't be issued based on a car looking or sounding like it's speeding. The decision comes after real American hero Daniel Freitag fought a ticket issued because his Lincoln Navigator sounded fast.


The only sensible traffic-related ruling ever to take place in the cradle of crazy speed enforcement, Ohio, Freitag succeeded in having the radar gun evidence thrown out as inadmissible, then having the cop's assertion that he could accurately determine his Lincoln Navigator's speed by viewing the headlights in his rear-view mirror and listening to the engine's noise declared "not credible." Freitag's original conviction based on that evidence was declared on appeal as a "manifest miscarriage of justice." [via TheNewspaper]

(Hat tip to PotBellyJoe!)

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