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The domain-name registrars at Go Daddy have signed on to help fund Danica's Motorola-marqueed Andretti-Green car for next season. They find her "edgy, innovative and fun!" according to some guy named Bob who helms the company. H sker D was edgy, innovative and fun. Danica is not H sker D . Meanwhile, in more interesting news, Bumbeck began the initial stages of a Jet-Valvectomy on his Starion up at the place we like to refer to as "Robin Masters' Compound East." Boss pic, non? Danica? Potential. Starion? SUPER POTENTIAL! [Thanks to Haller for the tip.]


Go Daddy Press Release On the Dealy. Only click if you want another useless PDF cluttering your machine. Trust us, we gave you the best bits. We gave you Starion! [Go Daddy]

WaPo Co. Slipping? Recruiting Subpar Writers? Danica in Newsweek [Internal]