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Awesome! Newsweek wants to compile a list of 20 women leading their fields. The downside? Well, we picked up an issue of the magazine the other day and it felt a bit light. Has the diluted ad revenue that seems to be endemic across the print-publishing board these days inspired the elimination of the copy desk? Or having interviewees whose finest skills may not be at the keyboard write their own stories? Case in point: Danica Patrick's profile in the September 25th issue of the august newsweekly. What do we get? Subpar writing coupled with the misspelling of "go-kart" as "go-cart," followed by "nerve-racking" instead of "nerve-wracking." We'd at least expect Danica to be able to correctly spell the types of cars she's driven.


We've got a bet with Money CJ of SO. DAMN. INDY going as to whether the Newsweek people will fix the errors online. If he wins (he thinks they will), he gets an eighteener of Miller Lite. If Jalopnik wins (we think they won't), Jamie Little gets our phone number. Readers, encourage the Washington Post Company to stick to their guns. Meanwhile, Duffy Livingstone is pissed.

Twenty Top Women on Leadership [Newsweek via SO. DAMN. INDY.]

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