Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Belly Up To The Bar For A Round That'll Be Generally Electric!

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Word on the street is we'll be seeing more of our Associate Editor from the Motor City than we though we'd be seeing this month — he'll be "on the money" in the role of "auto pundit" this evening on CNBC around 7:10 PM EST. And the topic — well, that'll be an interesting one — it's all about electric cars and hybrids and whether they can save the bigger-than-any-other-automaker General Motors. Sounds positively electric. But while Wert's off somewhere powdering his nose, it's time for you to get your drinking caps on and come up with some new rules for this round of the only Official Car Pundit Drinking Game! Just leave 'em below in the comments or feel free to e-mail them in to us via tips @


That's The Money Shot! CNBC Agrees Jalopnik's Home Of The "Official Car Pundit Drinking Game" [internal]

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