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That's The Money Shot! CNBC Agrees Jalopnik's Home Of The "Official Car Pundit Drinking Game"

Here's the back story to the above: Last week, when Jalopnik's associate editor from Motown — Ray "crazy eyes killer" Wert — appeared on CNBC's "On The Money," commenter TexansAreHot came up with the "Official Car Pundit Drinking Game", to be played during Wert's punditry. We're not sure if the ex-fratboys at "On The Money" were playing along in the control room, but they recently gave the game a shout in the show's Bonus section. Now, when Wert's back on (which will be any day now — ring, phone, ring!), we expect everyone to do their part. And again, who's got the best readers in the the blogosphere? Hells yeah, it's us.


Take One Drink — The Many Moods of A Jalopnik Editor, Redux [internal]

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