Off With Their Hands! Dubai Car Thieves Jack Police Bimmers

Forget the Interceptor, Johnny Law (or is that Mohammed Law?) in Dubai rolls in 5-series BMW's. How else do you keep up with the wonderful and unreasonably fast Arab prince specials? This has to be a bit rough on local thieves, forced to escape the clutches of the Bavarian police cruisers. Hey, if you can't beat'em, join'em. And if you can't join'em, steal their cars.


This is exactly what happened when the police ordered a couple of cherry E60's from a local dealership and left them parked on the street. Though it doesn't sound like the cars were in their full police livery, it still takes either massive amounts of confidence, stupidity or a delicate mixture of both to steal from the Dubai po-po. [The Khaleej Times via TeamPolizei]

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