Try That with an Enzo: Gemballa Mirage GT

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What makes some exotics tuneable, and others off limits? Though the Carrera GT is now just another discontinued hypersports car, like the Ferrari Enzo and Ford GT, those of means treat it like an amusement park. Unlike the Enzo, there's no shame in tweaking out a $400,000 Carrera GT to within an inch of its existence — money being mere paper goods to some. Take Gemballa's Mirage GT, built for the customary Arab gazillionaire. With engine tuning (and a new hi-po exhaust) boosting horsepower to 650, more carbon fiber and tire rubber than an F1 paddock, and an interior slathered in alcantara and red leather, the million-dollar custom-order jobbie, you could say, is pretty decked out. Would an Enzo owner do something like that? Oh yeah, I guess he would. [UPDATE: The Mirage GT concept was to have been turbo- or supercharged to the tune of 1,000 hp. This is the WP Black Edition, which uses a similar body kit but is far less mad, at 650 hp.]


Sheikh Your Moneymaker: Gemballa Mirage GT Concept for Sale in Dubai [internal]

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