Of Course Australia Would Make A 334-HP V8 Sportbike That Revs To 13k

Motorcycles packing V8 engines aren’t anything new, but Paul G. Maloney’s creation stands apart. It’s stuffed with 1,996cc, 90-degree eight with a flat-plane crank, and in addition to putting out 334 horsepower it revs out to 12,800 RPM. Yeah, that should do.


It’s called the PGMV8, borrowing the initials of its builder who put together a team of engineers pulled from MotoGP, F1, and World Superbike.

The 2.0-liter V8 is stuffed inside a trellis frame engine and runs a 13:1 compression ration with sand cast aluminum crankcases and a crank milled from a chunk of En36 steel. A Motec M130 ECU keeps things on boil and help the mill put out 334 HP and 158 lb-ft of torque.


There’s the usual assortment of high end suspension and braking bits, with Brembos and Öhlins at each end. And to keep the weight in check, it’s using a custom Akrapovic titanium exhaust paired with a milled aluminum subframe and carbon fiber bodywork. Still, it tips the scales at a wet weight of 534 pounds.

Want to know how it sounds? Of course you do:

That’s not a knife…


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