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Obama Knows... How Much Chrysler Should Spend On Advertising

Illustration for article titled Obama Knows... How Much Chrysler Should Spend On Advertising

President Obama's Auto Task Force cut Chrysler's planned bankruptcy marketing budget, $134 million for nine weeks of advertisements, in half. Apparently the Obama Administration's like Bo Jackson from those old Nike "Bo knows" commercials.


The overwhelmingly desperate state the automakers are in, essentially living on the dole, has put them into a position where they're subject to the whim and will of the Obama administration and his task-force. Thankfully, Obama is an expert on everything. What else does Obama know?

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I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I for one will regret the loss of Chrysler, General Motors cars in their present iteration. Growing up in the 60's there was a veritable smorgasbord of delicacies such as the Hemi powered Chargers, Chryslers, Plymouth Road Runners and Rivieras, Cutlass 442s, Impala SS's and various Pontiacs from GM.

This was a young guy's fantasy to be able to score one of those rides post puberty to lead you into manhood!

If you ever saw the movie "American Graffitti" you get the sense of what I am talking about.

Today, I guess we're living in a different age. I think half the guys contributing to Jalopnik have no clue of what having a vibrant domestic car industry means. They just don't get it, that with the death of Chrysler and GM, a way of life will change forever.

My grandkids will be robbed of their chance to live a dream that sustained many generations.

I congratulate the President for trying to save the dream that is "American". To call him a socialst or a communist, as I've read in these blogs, is in itself unwarranted and stupid, to say the least.