NYC’s Nicest Cop Guides Motorcyclist Past Traffic

Traffic in New York sucks, but here's one cop making it easier to get through. He sees a guy on a motorcycle stuck in a jam, and then guides him past the congestion on the curb.


If only all cops were this cool.

(UPDATE) The rider in the video replied to us, explaining the whole story behind the good guy NYPD officer.

I was riding my Triumph Speed Triple to work, and got bunched up in front of the 13th precinct on 21st street. I was working my way up to see if I could sneak by when a cop noticed the traffic and ushered me onto the sidewalk. It was a lot of fun to legally ride the curb, and ride right in front of the precinct door!

Sadly, the real story came about 3 months later. I wrecked that bike at the track and was medevaced to the ER. I am perfectly OK now, but my baby is gone like the past.


(Hat tip to _Mécanicien!)

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Just throwing it out there, when motorcycles do this I want to open my door into them. It's obnoxious, and also really dangerous. I've seen it end unwell for the motorcyclist on at least a half-dozen different occasions.