Now You Can Bring Everything Plus The Kitchen Sink To The Race Track

Screenshot: YouTube

Papadakis Racing is back with another awesome build. This time they’ve made a portable sink because the only thing better than wrenching on a race car at the track is wrenching on a race car and enjoying clean hands afterwards.


The team at Papadakis got to work and made this simple but well-built sink:

I can’t get over how well integrated this is, and that’s what I think makes it so special. At first glance its simplicity betrays the number of components that go into this. It seems like just a sink atop a cabinet with a tank inside, but the build was more involved than that and the discrete components are the following:

  • Cabinet
  • Steel Base w/Casters
  • Stainless Steel Sink w/ Faucets
  • Aluminum Tank w/ Drain
  • Five-Gallon Bucket
  • RV Water Pump
  • 12V Battery
  • Battery Charger

My favorite part of the whole thing — other than all of it, which is genius — is the electrical system. It’s a very basic system comprising a small battery and a battery charger. Yes, it’s been wired and routed a little slapdash on the rear interior panel. I would prefer to see something more r/cableporn worthy, but that bulkhead connector is radical. It makes for a seamless electrical solution on the exterior. It’s literally plug and play.

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Screenshot: YouTube

And the whole thing is just so integrated. I don’t want to say overbuilt or over-engineered because that has a negative connotation and this thing is just too cool to sully. It really looks like a production portable sink, but Papadakis notes they had to build it to their specs after they were unable to find something that fit their exact needs. Papadakis credits Aldo Villagran for fabricating the steel base, including welding on its casters, fabricating the reservoir tank, and prepping the cabinet for use in this application.

I can almost smell the orange pumice through the screen and feel its satisfying grit between my fingers. And as for the team, please, do not stick to race cars only. I want to see more fabrication like this because your portable sink is one clean build.

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Why would you build one of these vs. buy a ready-made one. Here’s one of the top google links for about $400: