Getting A 2020 Toyota Supra To 1,000 Horsepower Means Making A Lot Of Custom Parts

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Tuner car legend Stephan Papadakis, his team and some collaborators are trying to build a 2020 Toyota Supra that will make 1,000 horsepower on an engine dyno. Since the car’s brand new, an aftermarket doesn’t really exist. So a lot of upgrade parts will have to be built for the first time. Here’s a little look at that process.

Papadakis Racing is documenting its 2020 Supra build on YouTube, and the clip above is the second in the series. Previously, Papadakis and company took the barely-used engine out and apart so it could be evolved into a firebreathing monster we hope to see soon.

As you can imagine, pumping the output of the Supra’s BMW B58 engine by about 650 HP will take more than just a big turbo. (Though the BorgWarner EFR 9280 Papadakis has picked certainly looks sizeable on camera.) This video isn’t completely comprehensive, but it does get into why Papadakis and his team are doing what they’re doing, plus some great cutaway demonstrations of how the combustion process works.

I doubt the B58 will ever enjoy quite as much aftermarket parts availability as the last Supra’s 2JZ had... that thing made power every time you looked at it sideways. And today’s automotive technology is a little more restrictive. But it’s great to see tuners dig into the new car and see what they can squeeze out of it. As a bonus, maybe some of these parts will give BMW people opportunities to get more fire out of their Z4s.

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Soon enough you’ll be able to overnight parts from Bavaria.