Now That's What I Call Three Wheel Motion

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The living legend diesel Mercedes station wagon drift team Black Smoke Racing doesn't need to hit any switches to go into three wheel motion. They just dip a wheel into the dirt and they're good to go.


This is at the Norwegian hoonstravaganza Gatebil (which, in this instance, is in Sweden. No, I will never understand the Scandinavians) last month. I could watch that Merc double (or triple) smoke its way down a track all day.


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Laird Andrew Neby Bradleigh

Dear Raph.. You keep saying Gatebil is Swedish, IT AIN'T!!! Gatebil is Norwegian... this time the video was indeed from Sweden (looks like Mantorp) But SERIOUSLY DUDE, get the facts straight... Gatebil IS, WAS and will always BE a Norwegian concept... And I won't have none o' that Sweden or Norway, it's all the same... that'd be like claiming that the US of A and Canada is the same thing... or that Texas and Mexico is the same thing (OK, at some time they were.. but) ANYHOW.. Gatebil = Norway... OK? And yes, I'm getting rather fed up with you guys screwing that up..