Novitec Rosso Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 430 Scuderia

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What happens when you bolt two superchargers to a Ferrari 430 Scuderia? Well, you get 717 HP at 8,350 RPM, and 532 lb-ft of torque at 6,250 RPM. That massive power is good for 216 MPH when equipped with an available taller gear ratio. Accelerating from a standstill, you'll hit 62 MPH in 3.5 seconds, and 124 MPH in 10.1 seconds. But don't think that this is just a straight-line showoff — at least it'd better not be for the price.

The standard Ferrari 430 Scuderia is already known for it's handling prowess, but Novitec Rosso goes one step further with new lowering springs. Grip is also aided by bigger Pirelli rubber, 235/30 ZR 20 in the front and 325/25 ZR 20 in the rear, wrapped around the new rims. There are other cosmetic tweaks here and there, but seeing as the whole package costs about $74,000 in addition to the cost of a standard Ferrari 430 Scuderia, we would expect nothing less.

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Bravo for that!

You know my grandmother used to correct everyone about that stuff wherever she went...