Notorious Muscle Car Freaks Heading To 24 Hours Of LeMons With... A Datsun!

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Those of you who watch a lot of automotive TV shows are probably familiar with Year One's Keith Maney, who appears on My Classic Car, Dream Car Garage, American Muscle Car, Hot Rod TV, MuscleCar TV, Horsepower TV, etc. What you may not know about is Keith's insidious influence on this site; both yours truly and Andrew Stoy worked for Keith at YO (along with Driveshaft Through The Skull creator Walker Canada and military-vehicle expert commenter Clinto), and he's a bad, bad influence on anyone who might want to retain some semblance of vehicular sanity. Naturally, I figured he'd be perfect for the 24 Hours Of LeMons, and he agreed that building a car for next year's LeMons South race would be a fine idea. The initial plan was to use "The World's Rustiest '78 Trans Am," conveniently sitting in the woods behind Year One's Georgia HQ, but that's not what happened…

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Unfortunately, the Rusty Bandit had the shop guys cut the one unrusty part off (the roof) and the rest went to The Crusher. Time for Plan B: a $300 '69 Datsun roadster. No engine or transmission, but another couple hundred bucks is all you need to obtain an S10 with an allegedly good-running 4.3 V6 sitting in the bed, and that's what Keith and accomplice Phil Brewer went ahead and did. A 39-year-old Detroit V6-powered rusty Japanese sports car- what could possibly go wrong? We'll let Keith describe his idea for the team's name in his own words
I'm thinking of a play on the father of Datsun Racing - Bob Sharpe. How about (not too) Sharpe Racing, with the finest rattle-can white paint job accentuated with lovely red and blue duct tape striping? Hell, in honor of the recently departed ex-Sharpe racing driver/actor, maybe we can find some Paul Newman masks and wear those. So many possibilities. We're planning of Sawzalling the fender and quarters (they're mostly bondo anyway) for massive tire clearance. Probably run 15x8s all the way around if that gives us enough brake clearance.



Wow, looks like the old Tunachucker Amazon is going to have some heady competition for the Most Craptacular Car (aka Index of Effluency) Award. That Datsun is awesome, and, like our 122, is probably far too far gone for an honest restoration. So is UDMan's Corvair, which I am sure will be the unanimous vote for the LeMons car. The "2 in the goo" tranny seals the deal, though I have grave misgivings about the ability of any slushbox to survive that sort of punishment (yes, I know, the Size Matters Fury, but come on, that's a freaking Torqueflight fer cryin' out loud!)

By the way, being that its a '64, I'd be fairly interested in any trim parts and whatever else ends up not being in the race car, for my '64 Convertible.

No, the claiming rule has never yet been invoked (its more fun to watch a cheater car get the people's curse than to simple buy it off the owners) but I've heard rumors that Jay is planning on invoking it soon.

LeMons South 09 is going to be a f—-ing blast! I can't wait!