Watch Two Guys And A Dashboard Hula Have The Most Fun Racing A Pickup

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Everybody knows autocrossing a pickup truck is the most fun you can have with lateral g-forces three feet off the ground. Oh, you didn't know that? Better take a ride in this classic F-100 pickup and see what it's all about then.

This dashcam ride comes to us from the Baylor Driving Club, and a couple dudes who obviously know how to show a truck a good time. I mean, not necessarily a good lap time or anything... but it sure looks like a lot of fun.


Hat tip to Andre!

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There is a guy in the SCCA PA Susquehanna Region Rallyx who last time I was there had a Dodge Dakota RWD only And was drifting the whole course. It was awesome. He would hit cones but magically they would get knocked back up and or stay in place. He had great control too, His pickup truck barely fit through some of the Gates hahaha.