Noted Dummy Enthusiast Jeff Dunham Has A Matching Set Of Challengers

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Ever wonder what ventriloquist Jeff Dunham drives? Of course you have — you're human. Like most of us, I'm sure you assumed that he drives a filthy Ford Aspire with a home-made wooden rear extension that's packed with ventriloquist dummies, puppets, and empty bottles of cheap gin. That's not the case at all!


In fact, Jeff decided to email us and sent us this lovely picture of what he is driving, because he took some special effort to get this particular matching set. Here's what Jeff said:

It was a no-brainer… I have a 1970 Sublime (green) Dodge Challenger RT 4 speed 440 6-pack with hood blackout decal and black side stripes, and here comes Chrysler offering the Needs-no-introduction-baddass-Hellcat in Sublime metallic with a black aluminum hood… DUH… I dumped the f-ing blue Prius and got one. We added some side stripes to match, and here you go: Grandpa and grandson. Now with the Hellcat, the 4 hour drive from Los Angeles to Vegas has been cut down to 90 minutes. Not really.... Sort of. I may or may not be lying. And that's me, photobombing in the middle.

So, with the proper color selection and judicious application of the proper stripes, Jeff managed to make himself a fine matching set of bright green Challengers, which together make a great study in modern retro car design.

My guess is when he drives, the dummies get the newer car, because their limited independent abilities probably require an easier-to-drive car than an original Challenger RT.

(photo by Walker Dalton)



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