Not leaving the house means I finally have time to mess around with the old Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 a friend gave me, so I wrote a crude little drawing program and scribbled out a ‘66 Beetle. Unfortunately I misjudged the limited height (the screen is only 64 pixels tall) so I didn’t have room for wheels, which is why it’s up on blocks. I’ve already been lectured that this is the unsafe way to use cinder blocks, too. 

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Not strictly on-topic, but if only Radio Shack had managed to stick around for a few more years / not been incompetently managed, it could have seen such a boon with the growth of the “maker” community. If they’d pivoted from selling overpriced headphone cables into supplying Arduino microcontrollers and 3D printer filaments on top of the soldering accessories, circuit components and other supplies that had been their bread & butter for decades.

If they’d stuck around long enough and gone down that route, I can’t help but think they would have managed to dominate that niche (and, with such parts available from a ubiquitous brick & mortar store, that niche would almost certainly have grown, as the barrier to entry for homemade electronics is lower than ever). As it is, Microcenter is my Mecca, and I make pilgrimages whenever I can, supplementing with eBay and Amazon in between.