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The Hill Country Rallye is an annual gathering for aircooled Porsches on the twisty roads of central Texas, and this year’s event brought out 130 of the best cars on the planet. Even with one of the most coveted cars on the planet, the siren song of a gravel parking lot must be answered.

AutoKennel drove their Irish Green Porsche 911 named “La Tortuga” to the event and cut together a cool little video of their trip. But true Porsche greatness comes in at around 7:40 in the video. There’s a lot of beautiful Porsches in this rallye but the red and green cars definitely look like they had the most fun.


Drive your Porsches, people. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to steal your keys and make the donuts. That’s just how it works.

[H/T Brad’s Not Here Today]

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