NOOOOOOOO!!! Ferrari F40 Destroyed In Test Drive

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Hold back the tears, everyone, this is what it looks like when a red light runner crashes into a Ferrari F40.


This picture comes from onlooker Matthew Berenz and was posted by The Garage Blog. They report that a mechanic at Ferrari of Ontario in Toronto was returning from a test drive when a red light runner smashed into the Ferrari F40 he was driving. No one was seriously hurt.

Here is a picture of the Dodge Dart that crashed into the Ferrari.

Here is an Instagram video by kstoor showing the fire department clearing up the spilled fluids.

And here's another Instragram vid from Anthony Sestito showing the car getting loaded up.

Now please join me in sobbing and praying that the car gets restored back to its original kevlar and twin turbo shape.


Photo Credit: Matthew Berenz


For Sweden

The situation deepens! The murder was fratricide!

Do not rush to place blame on the innocent Forzda (Mazord?), for it was an Italian-American that slew his older cousin from the old country! Clearly all is not well in the FCA family if one member would put a hit on another.