Non-Van Ram Man May Buy Ram Van; Become Ram Van Man

We've seen a number of new big, European-style vans come out from major automakers in the past few years, and now Ram is getting its turn in the segment. It's the Ram ProMaster and it's basically a Fiat Ducato.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about vans. When Chrysler was in bed with Daimler, Dodge's commercial van was a Mercedes. Now that Chrysler Co. is owned by Fiat, Dodge Ram's commercial van is a Fiat.


We only hope that a Dodge truck enthusiast considers buying one of these things instead of a traditional pickup. At that moment, we would sing from a mountaintop "NON-VAN RAM MAN BUYS RAM VAN; BECOMES RAM VAN MAN."

Photo Credit: Dodge

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