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As quickly as Automotive News dropped the bomb this AM of talks back in July between FoMoCo and the General over a possible alliance, the Wall Street Journal, just as quickly shot the fun down. The financial-centered paper claims:

General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. briefly discussed the concept of an alliance between the two auto makers but have dropped the idea and plan no further talks, two people familiar with the matter said on Monday.


Man, those guys are no fun at all —

— there we were, all ready to start some polls on possible lineups of a merged automaker, our hamsters working overtime getting funny graphics and jokes ready to go, and the Journal goes and shoots it all down, like we're a Texas lawyer at a quail hunt with the Vice President. We think it's even funnier they're the ones taking the concept out back and putting a bullet into it, considering they were the ones who brought this wild-ass speculation out into the open in the first place.

GM, Ford Motor Discussed Alliance but Idea Was Dropped (sub. req.) [Wall Street Journal]


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