Well, I mean, people have some idea. The Buick was driven on the bike path. It's just that most people can't figure out how someone would be clueless enough to drive a full-grown Buick all the way onto a bridge bike path on Lake Shore Drive by Chicago's Navy Pier.

What's remarkable about this is not that someone was dumb or drunk or douchey or some other 'd' enough to drive on a bike path, but that to get the car to this point, they would have have to have driven about a full mile on the narrow bike path to get to where the car was found.

The Buick's right front wheel and axle are pretty well damaged, suggesting that at least at some point the reality of driving a full-width car on a narrow bike path made itself known. How, exactly did someone manage to get that far down the bike path? There's some interesting theorteical discussion happening at Reddit Chicago about it, but so far no one really knows what sort of black magic managed to put this Buick there on that bridge's bike path with no clear damage to any fences or barriers visible.

Be happy, my friends: there is still magic in this world. Stupid, stupid magic.

(Thanks, Jon! Photo by Ronit Bezalel)