No Men Allowed! Swiss Create Pink Parking Spaces

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Some European countries, including Switzerland, have reserved parking spaces for women that are near the exists and under video surveillance. This is done to protect women from assault when getting into and out of their cars. Unfortunately, the unchivalrous men of Bern have been parking in these reserved spots. Since they can't legally stop men from using these spots, local garages are going to paint the spots in a way that discourages men from parking there. Above is our expert artist rendering of what these spots might look like.

Pink Parking Spaces [WEN via WMAR-TV]

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They were discussing this on NPR the other day and interviewed a parking garage owner who was working to defeat the evil men taking these spaces designated for the fairer sex. Aside from the groovy language barrier the garage owner had the following ideas:

1) Make sure the spaces are marked in pink and/or yellow with flowers and the traditional sign for the female sex (circle/cross thing)

2) Put up a poster of women inspecting men's pants (looking into them) to ensure they're really men.