A Photo Finish Worth Soiling Your Pants Over

The British Touring Car Championship is a magical place where rubbin's racin' gets applied to a road course, all done in cars that would be candidates for "Regular Car Reviews" if they were stateside. This weekend's ridiculous photo finish is no exception: there's no telling who will win until the very last second.

Jason Plato had built up an insane four-second lead on the rest of the race when a tire puncture sends him into the gravel. His splitter digs in, and it's all over. Lead lost. Race lost.


Meanwhile, there's this insane side-by-side battle for second place between Andy Priaulx in a BMW 1-series hatch and Gordon Shedden in a Honda Civic Type R. Now it's the battle for the win. One leads for a while, then the other gets through, then, aw snap, it's back to side-by-side action.

The result? The winner was determined by a finish-straight drag race. These last four laps are all drama, all nail-biting, and all "I can hold it for two more minutes, really." Unplug the laptop and take it in the bathroom for this one if you must. Trust us on that one. This isn't a pause-worthy ending. Poo germs to disinfect are better than the alternative, but if it happens, we understand.

(Worth it.)

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