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Nitro Circus Bikes Stolen From Shipping Containers Heading Back From Europe

Illustration for article titled Nitro Circus Bikes Stolen From Shipping Containers Heading Back From Europe
Photo: Alastair Grant (AP)

Here on Jalopnik, we’ve done our best to help folks find their stolen cars when disaster strikes. Now, this is definitely a new one, but let’s all keep our eyes peeled for something special: namely, all of the bikes from the popular TV-and-live show, Nitro Circus.


Travis Pastrana took to Instagram yesterday with a frustrated post describing that every single one of the Nitro Circus bikes were stolen straight out of a shipping container that was heading back to the United States after a tour of Europe. Out of what Pastrana notes was “ten or so” shipping containers, the thieves just so happened to stumble on the one containing the bikes.


Pastrana tagged eight of the folks traveling on the road with him, which we assume means that they were among those afflicted by the loss. Among the bikes was Pastrana’s own super-light Kevlar prototype bike, an RM 250 2-stroke, and Jarryd McNeil’s X-Games gold-medal winning bike.

Pastrana doesn’t sound particularly hopeful about seeing any of the bikes again, but it’s still worth keeping your eyes out for the bikes.

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Love how he doesn’t post what city, port, pier or ship.

Those details would be really helpful.

Typical “American” thinking Europe is just one tiny place where everyone knows each other.