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You know what's hard? Building a race car. You know what's harder? Building a fundamentally new type of race car like Nissan is attempting with their GT-R Le Mans LMP1. It's therefore not a huge surprise that Nissan is skipping the first two World Endurance Championship races to focus on Le Mans.

The news comes via racer-turned-NISMO-sales/marketing-chief Darren Cox who called earlier this afternoon to tell us, and also to thank us for our spy shots, which has to be a first.


This is basically no surprise as the batshit wonderful design and occasional issues seem to have added challenges to an already ambitious schedule. DailySportsCar is also reporting that they failed their crash tests.

"We failed the monocoque crash test; the front roll hoop missed by a small margin, but we're fixing it and will have an updated chassis for [crash testing] next week."

If you're in Kentucky, we've been informed that they'll be testing in Bowling Green in the near future. They love front-engined race cars in Bowling Green so the Nissan should fit right in.

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