Nissan Shows GT-R GT500 Racecar, Keeps Details to Itself

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Nissan's working the whole race-on-Sunday-sell-on-Monday angle with its GT-R — at least in Japan. On the heels of its death on wheels GT500 prototype racer, the company is revealing its new competitor for Japan's Super GT series at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Just as expected by everyone from the Japanese royal family on down to the white-gloved guy who body-checks people onto the Tokyo subway, the new GT-R will replace the current GT500-class competitor — the one based on the Fairlady/350Z. Nissan says it's withholding details about the car and its global motorsports plans until the end of the month. Of course, anyone harboring visions of the GT-R racing in the US should remember Nissan's suspended its North American motorsports activities. Not enough bang for their racing bucks here. For shame. [via World Car Fans]


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