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Exclusive: Nissan Suspending All North American Racing Operations for 2008

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nissan and Nissan Motorsports (NISMO) will not be sponsoring or officially participating in any motorsports activities in North American on the verge of bringing over the GT-R, the most ferocious sports car from Nissan ever for North America. Earlier in the day we reported on a rumor that Nissan was getting out of American motorsports and we now have confirmation from Nissan. According to Scott Vazin, Director of Product Communications for Nissan Motor Company, though they're getting out for [Fiscal Year] 2008, "we'll keep a presence around the world."


Vazin went on to say "It's not all or nothing, we're certainly reviewing it against a larger motorsports strategy, but for 2008 we're taking a pause." He wouldn't give a reason for doing so, other than saying they're working on strategy, but he did deny that it was at all a financial decision.

On the awkward timing given the introduction of the Nissan GT-R, Vazin responded with questions "The GT-R goes on sale in June, so we're a good six months away [and] the company is considering what to do with the GT-R. Can we go racing with it? What series could we be in that would be consistent across all markets?"


Though he insisted that Nissan was out of racing for FY2008, which for Nissan means March 31, 2009, the door was left open for the future "At the moment we finished CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) season for 2007 and felt pretty good about where we ended, and now it's a chance to reflect on what's the return and where we can make a difference."

You heard it here first. Nissan is out. Does this mean a great return in FY 2009 highlighted by a NISMO racing GT-R? Or will Nissan's reflection lead to them continuing their motorsports freeze? Only time will tell.