Nissan Qazan Crossover Concept: Pen Strokes Heading To Geneva

Nissan is making a surprise debut at the Geneva Motor Show with its Qazan Crossover Concept. The concept heralds a production car to compete with the new Kia Soul, but could it succeed?


We have no clue what the Qazan will look like at this point, but with its market targets being the Kia Soul and Scion Xb, we can assume that it'll carry some of that same boxy, utilitarian flavor. But we all know what happens when you assume.

The above image is a teaser sketch for the upcoming Nissan A-segment vehicle which the Qazan Concept is likely derived from. The production model will jimmy it's way into the lineup below the Euro-market Qashqai and is scheduled to be built at Nissan's Sunderland factory in the UK. It will replace the current Micra line that resides there.

We expect Nissan to go on sale some time in 2010 with a production reveal happening sometime late in 2009. Until then, stay tuned for the Qazan Concept's reveal at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

[zamparuedas via AB]

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