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2009 Kia Soul Crossover Re-Revealed, Engine Details Emerge

Illustration for article titled 2009 Kia Soul Crossover Re-Revealed, Engine Details Emerge

After a few unofficial reveals, the folks at Hyundai's extra value brand have decided to release three official shots of the 2009 Kia Soul. The shots continue to show what amazing things styling can do to what is, ostensibly, a Kia Rio crossover. According to Kia World, the 2009 Soul will come globally with either a gas or diesel 1.6-liter fourbanger or a larger 2.0-liter four.


While we don't expect to get the diesel engine when the Soul bows here in April of next year, it would be interesting to see if the smaller engine will be offered as a way to entice drivers in with the promise of even higher mileage. Either way, we're enjoying the 14th inning of the All Star Game too much to risk Uggla-ing it with rampant speculation. [Kia World]


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

AHHH! It's ugly and it's looking at me!


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